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The Mighty Quinn, middle grade novel, Mighty Media Press

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The Mighty Quinn, middle grade novel, Mighty Media Press, 2013

My Closet Threw A Party, children’s picture book, Sterling Publishers

This Here and Now, short fiction collection, Scrivenery Press

short fiction and novel excerpts

“The Assassin,” novel excerpt, WIPS: Works (of Fiction) in Progress, 2014

“Souvenir,” Hospital Drive, December 2013

“Requiem,” Voices From the Porch anthology, Main Street Rag Press, 2013

“Maddie is Dead,” Joy Interrupted:  An Anthology on Motherhood and Loss, 2013

“The Book of Joel,” Thrice Fiction, #6, December 2012

“The Aunt,” novel excerpt, Stoneslide Corrective, October 2012

“Googie,” THEMA, v. 24 #3, Autumn 2012

“When It Is What It Is,” Conversations Across Borders, Summer 2012

“Emma Told Stories,” Penduline, Issue 4, March 2012

“Here is What,” Bellevue Literary Review, 10th Anniversary Issue, v. 11 No. 2, Fall 2011

“Writer’s Guidelines,” The First Line, v. 13 Issue 2, Summer 2011

“Modus Operandi,” Wild Violet, “Passion” issue, Vol. X # 1, Fall 2011

“Maggie’s Rain,” Talking River Review, Issue 28, Spring 2010

“Another Word for Hope,” Santa Fe Writers Project, 2009

“Nathan Keeps Track,” r.kv.r.y., Winter 2008

“Maddie is Dead,” The Externalist, October 2007

“Both of Which,” Panamowa, Summer 2007

“Coeur D’ Evelyn,” Peculiar Pilgrims, anthology, Hourglass Books, 2007

“Ciela Looks Up,” novel excerpt, In Our Own Voices, Oregon Writers Colony, 2007

“Epiphany,” Spring Hill Review, vol. V #8, 2005

“Turning to Showers,” The Seattle Review, v. XXVI #2, 2004

“Mutual Friends” (reprint), Spring Hill Review, v. III #2, 2003

“So Much Not Neither,” Lynx Eye, v. VIII #3, 2000

“No Wonder,” American Jones Building & Maintenance #8, 2000

“Sound No Trumpet,” Windhover, v. IV, 2000

“One Day She’ll Love Dichondra” (reprint), Ancient Paths, 2000

“Cashier Wanted” (reprint), American Jones Building & Maintenance, #5, 1999

“The Burghers of Troutdale,” Lynx Eye, v. VI #1, 1999

“One and One,” ProCreation,  v. 2 #2 1999

“Hope,” Roswell Literary Review, v. II #4, 1998

“Poetry in Motion,” Missing Spoke Anthology, 1998

“Edification,” The Butterfly Chronicles, v. II #2, 1998

“A Tie in the Road,” ProCreation, v. 1 #3, 1998

“One Day She’ll Love Dichondra,” Affair of the Mind, v. 1 #2, 1998

“People Like You,” Lynx Eye, v. 4 #1, 1997

“Tinkerbell Has Varicose Veins,” Mobius, v. 8 #1, 1997

“Nature or Nurture,” Cafe Eighties, v. 4 #3, 1996

“Sister Dentia and the Reading List,” pica, 1996

“Why I Hate Disposable Diapers,” Wordplay, v. 2 #2, 1996

“Clinic,” Happy, #5, 1996

“Our Bodies, Your Bodies…” Satire, v. 3 #1, 1996

“Nine Out of Ten,” Stoneflower Literary Journal. v. 1, 1996

“Landscape,” Pangolin Papers, v. 2 #3, 1996

“Leave It Up,” Uno Mas, #11, 1996

“Her Face Froze” (reprint), Flummery Press, 1995

“A Middle Piece” (reprint), Dream International Quarterly, #24, 1995

“Rescheduled,” Strictly Fiction II, 1995

“How Heavy is Blood,” Timberline, 1994

“Her Face Froze,” Rant, #3, 1994

“Waiting,” The Writing on the Wall, v. 2 #2, 1994

“Where Things Are,” Burning Light, v. 2 #1, 1994

“The Docent,” Northwest Literary Forum, 1994

“A Middle Piece,” Innisfree, v. 7 #6, 1993

“Cashier Wanted,” Schmaga, v. 4 #2, 1993

“Jure Divino,” Friction, v. 4 #4, 1993

“We’ll Talk Later,” Oasis, v. 1 #4, 1993

“Just What It Is,” Belletrist Review, v. 1 #2, 1993

“Vigilantes!” Midnight Zoo, v. 2 #4, 1992

“No Experience Necessary,” Sunriver Sun, 1992

“1977 Was Just a Dream,” Feminist Baseball, 1992

“It’s Almost Nobody’s Fault,” Lines in the Sand, 1992

“Mutual Friends,” Exhibition, v. 7 #1, 1991

“Kiss Me I’m Irish,” Bellowing Ark, 1989

“The Anti-Cancer Diet,” Ellipsis, 1988

essay, satire, non-fiction and adult poetry

“You Can Be – or already are – an Award-Winning Writer!”, Dislocate, June 11, 2010

“Grandmas Gone God-Wild,” Humanist Network News, Nov. 2008

“Author Author!” The Bear Deluxe, #23, 2006

“The Risky Business of Fiction,” Mslexia, 2004

“And I Quote,” “Then Again,” “Unfinished,” Gen X National Journal, 2004

“Please Do Go On,” “The Fourth Thing”  Gen X Nat’l Journal, 2003

“What’s in a Name,” The Philosophical Mother, 2003; The Writer’s Lounge, 2002; The Raintown Review, v. 1 #2, 1998; Feminist Parenting, 1994; Arterial, Fall 1992

“Our Bodies, Your Bodies,” Satire, 1996

children’s verse

“The Christmas parade,” Bumples magazine, Issue 41, D

“Cobwebs in My Earlobes,” Stories for Children Magazine, June 2009

“Yummers,” Stories For Children Magazine, March 2009

“Auntie Ru,” KidTime magazine, July 2005

“Me, Too,” KidTime magazine, July 2005

“Why,” ChickaDee magazine,  September 1998

“Anna Mae Grady…,” Anthology Magazine, May 1998

“WildKingdom,” Atom magazine, March/April 1998

“Kitchen Ambition,” New Classics Storybook, anthology, Cherubic Press, 1996


“Supplicants,” one act drama, Encore Performance Publishing/Eldrige Plays & Musicals, 1999


“Maddie is Dead,” pending in Joy Interrupted anthology, 2013

“Coeur D’ Evelyn,” Peculiar Pilgrims, anthology, Hourglass Books, 2007

“Ciela Looks Up,” Oregon Writers Colony In Our Own Words, anthology, 2006

“Kitchen Ambition,” New Classics Storybook, anthology, Cherubic Press, 1996

“Rescheduled,” Strictly Fiction II, anthology, Winter/Spring 1995

“What’s in a Name,” Feminist Parenting, The Crossing Press, 1994

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