Today’s post is the blog equivalent of the televised perpetual Yule Log fireplace.



Our family welcomed the Winter Solstice, even though we skipped our somewhat-regular,  S-to-the-third-power dinner (aka, a Solstice Soup Supper). So many of our holiday celebrations revolve around food, as seems to be the custom worldwide. On December 23 we celebrated Little Christmas Eve  [1]  as is our custom, hosting a dinner with friends, which includes a gift exchange with the young-uns…with even some not-so-young-uns getting in on the action. I anticipate, during the ongoing/never-ending presidential campaign, that I shall enjoy wearing out the batteries in the Bullshit Detector friend SCM so thoughtfully bestowed upon us.




I do so appreciate the festive holiday red color.


Christmas Eve was a family dinner, with MH, K, Belle and I enjoying Norwegian lefse & meatcakes (and the kitties enjoying whatever scraps happen to fall to the floor).  Now today, after a frenzied serene and appreciative morning of gift-opening, we’ll head to Portland, for what has become our new(er)  [2]  Christmas day practice:  lunch at a favorite Portland restaurant, followed by a visit to Powell’s Books. Dinner will be make-your-own-za night [3].

*   *   *

I hope you enjoy the picture of my office yuletide décor.



I decided to post that, instead of silly/tasteless Christmas jokes, such as:


What happens when Santa gets he gets stuck in a chimney? He feels Claustrophobic.

Why did Santa’s helper see the psychiatrist? Because he suffered from low elf-esteem.

What is Santa’s favorite Pacific Northwest State? Idaho-ho-ho.

Who is the most obnoxious of Santa’s reindeer? Rudolph.

Who is Santa’s helpers’ favorite rock and roll singer? Elfis (Thank you. Thank you very much!)


Just not gonna go there. Y’all deserve so much more.


*   *   *




Whatever you celebrate, may you have a Merry Christmas,
A Joyful Juul (Yule),
A Sweet Saturnalia,
a Bounteous Boxing Day,
a Joyous Kwanza,
a Cheery Pancha Ganapati
a Wonderful Watchnight,

a Happy New Year’s Eve,

and may the Holiday Hijinks ensue.

Thanks for stopping by.  Au Vendredi!

 *   *   *



[1] And belated Festivus wishes to the rest of us!

[2] Five years in a row, I think.

[3] Homemade pizza for dinner.